Brendan McGinn



Dear 5th Grade Parents and Students,                                               2018-2019

Here’s a quick look inside my 5th Grade Classroom!

(For lots more information about our classroom, including schedules, important dates and events, and weekly homework, please check out the 5th Grade Team Website)



* Our first unit will examine the scientific process including making a hypothesis, collecting data, and reporting results. This will be a great introduction for the Trailside science fair which is scheduled for February 2019. Then, we will move into our first core unit, MATTER.


 * Our first unit will be decimals and building number sense.

  I grew up in Washington DC and my high school was just a few blocks from the US Capitol building. In fact, our high school soccer field was right across from the Jefferson Memorial.  I attended the University of Maryland and majored in Biology. After college I moved out west and worked as a biologist for the Colorado Division of Wildlife and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. But, a unique opportunity to teach changed my career path. I taught 4th grade for nine years at a small charter school in Midway, Utah. Then, in 2015 I started at Trailside Elementary as the educational technology specialist. This will be my third year back in the classroom as a part of the 5th grade team.

In my free time, I enjoy biking and camping with my wife and two children. I also try to follow the English Premier League soccer when I can. And I have been known to cast to rising fish during the evening caddis hatch on the Provo River. I love being a teacher and I am looking forward to wonderful year with my students!