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Preschool Registration Lottery for the 2023/24 school year is now closed.  You may contact Dena Housel at if you have any questions.


The primary objective of the Park City School District Preschool is to prepare children to be ready for both academic and social-emotional success. PCSD Preschool offers 3-year-old 1/2 day classes and all-day 4-year-old classes at all elementary schools.

About Preschool

Long-term studies are unequivocal. Attending Preschool increases:

Every dollar we invest in preschool provides a 13 dollar return - because when the achievement gap is addressed before kindergarten, it limits the need for expensive interventions in early elementary years.

Preschool is important because it exposes a child to all the foundational pieces and attitudes on which they build their educational career. PCSD Preschool exposes children to new experiences and ideas and then expands on them; staff explore academic language and build academic skills; they negotiate and practice friendship, cooperation, collaboration, and confidence each day. 

A high-quality early childhood education provides children with cognitive, behavioral, and social skills they don't learn at home. Kindergarten teachers (and beyond) find it easier to teach a child who possesses a strong preschool education background in language skills, listening comprehension, attention management skills, and a positive attitude toward learning.

  • High School Graduation Rates
  • Years of College Completed 
  • Lifetime Earned Income 

Description of Curriculum

“We Can” program:

The We Can program integrates assessment with instruction and offers teachers multiple opportunities to observe children, identify their capabilities and needs, and monitor their progress. We Can is built to include teacher-led instruction and guided practice with opportunities for productive, purposeful play to promote the development of literacy, language, numeracy, and general cognitive, social, and emotional functioning. We Can's classroom management component is a research- and evidence-based system that allows teachers to manage the environment while children learn to manage themselves within the structure provided by routines. This component provides small and whole group instruction and Learning Centers for positively and proactively creating order in the classroom environment so that teachers can focus on instruction and set expectations for students.

We Can is appropriate for all preschool students—general education, special education, English language learners, and high achievers. 

Toolbox ProjectThe Toolbox Project: A Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum. Toolbox is a research-based social-emotional learning curriculum. It teaches critical social competencies necessary for academic and life success such as resiliency, self-management, and responsible decision-making skills.

Project-based Learning & Loose Parts: Teachers pair a more open-ended learning style with the We Can curriculum over the course of a week.

Key elements of project-based learning: Project-Based Learning (PBL) is a pedagogical approach in which students actively construct their own knowledge over a sustained period of time, collaborating with their peers to complete a public product that answers a driving question or solves a challenging problem.

We believe all students, regardless of their age, can engage in PBL. Project-Based Learning empowers students to learn and discover fundamental lessons about themselves and the world. Young children stretch themselves to ask questions, make plans, and follow through on their ideas. It is through Project-Based Learning that children not only learn academic content but more importantly, they begin to better understand themselves as human beings and as learners. 

Loose Parts: Loose parts are materials that can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, and taken apart, and put back together in multiple ways. Loose parts can be used alone or combined with other materials. There is no set of specific directions for materials that are considered loose parts. The child is the direction.


The following Preschool programs will be offered in the Park City School District:

3-year-old program: Tuition Cost is $150.00 per month. (Tuition may be reduced if you qualify for a fee reduction. Please contact Dena at 435-645-5600 ext 1443 for more information) 10% discount for siblings enrolled in our program

4-year-old program: ½ day program tuition is $275.00 per month. Full-Day tuition is $500.00  per month. (Tuition may be reduced if you qualify for a fee reduction. Please contact Dena at 435-645-5600 ext 1443 for more information) 10% discount for siblings enrolled in our program

Program space is limited and is filled on a first come, first serve basis. Students must live in the Park City School District Boundary to enroll.

  • Monday and Wednesday 8:15 am – 11:15 am at JRES, and MPES 
  • Tuesday and Thursday 8:15 am – 11:15 am at JRES, MPES, and TSES
  • Monday through Thursday 12:05 pm – 3:05 pm (Jeremy Ranch)
  • Full-day program Monday through Thursday 8:15 am – 3:05 pm (McPolin, Jeremy Ranch, Parley’s Park, and Trailside Elementary Schools)

Thank you to the Park City Education Foundation for their support of the Preschool program. PCEF provides over $120,000 annually to keep Preschool affordable for all families, and will be increasing that support when the Preschool building expansion is completed.

Available Programs

If students are kindergarten eligible (turn 5 by Sept. 1, 2023) we cannot accept them in our program.

Available programs for 4-year-olds: Students must turn 4 by September 1, 2023

Available programs for 3-year-olds: Students must turn 3 by September 1, 2023

  • MPES: Full day Monday - Thursday 8:15 am-3:05 pm
  • TSES: Full day Monday - Thursday 8:15 am-3:05 pm
  • PPES: Full day Monday - Thursday 8:15 am-3:05 pm
  • JRES: Full day Monday - Thursday 8:15 am-3:05 pm
  • JRES: ½ day afternoon Monday - Thursday 12:05 pm – 3:05 pm
  • MPES: Monday/Wednesday 8:15 am-11:15 am
  • MPES: Tuesday/Thursday 8:15 am-11:15 am
  • TSES: Tuesday/Thursday 8:15 am-11:15 am
  • JRES: Monday/Wednesday 8:15 am-11:15 am
  • JRES: Tuesday/Thursday 8:15 am-11:15 am