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Readers are Leaders!

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids

1. Be Proactive * You’re in Charge

2. Begin with the end in mind * Have a Plan

3. Put First Things First * Work First, Then Play

4. Think Win-Win * Everyone Can Win

5. Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood * Listen Before you Speak

6. Synergize  * Together Is Better

7. Sharpen the Saw  * Balance Feels Best

Be sure to contact me if you have any further questions: Katie Coccaro (Librarian)

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  • Know your library day.
  • Know your AR goal.
  • Read every night without being reminded.
  • LOVE to read!
  • Make your AR goal!
  • How will you achieve it?
  • Read books that challenge you and help you to grow.
  • Homework first, play later.
  • Make reading a priority.
  • Be consistent in your independent reading, your skills will improve!
  • Read books that make you a better friend.
  • Read books that teach you about other cultures.
  • Let books help you to see things from other’s viewpoints.
  • Enjoy sharing your ideas about books, and listening to other’s ideas. 
  • Read different genres of books.
  • Read to develop your hobbies and interests. 
  •  Alexandria Researcher
  • Park City Library
  • Summit County Library

Information Highway Assistance!

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Break the GOOGLE habit.

Happy Travels!

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